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Employsure’s video series Small Business State of Mind takes a peek at Australian small businesses to understand the challenges, achievements and motivation behind the nation’s small businesses. This month, Kieron of Mexicano shares his experience running a business and tips for others.

Every day we hand press, roll, flour tortillas and corn masa tortillas. All about produce as fresh as possible because we don’t have a cooler in here, so everyday guys in the kitchen constantly prepping.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. I mean, there’s been times where I’ve had to be in here seven days a week, two or three months at a time, doing everything. That comes with owning your own business. When things happen, and staff leave, it’s your business, you need to step in and be able to take over and also show the other staff that you’re here to keep the business running and putting in the hard yards.

One key advice for any new business owner would be to really appreciate and look after your staff. In the end they’re the ones that are running your business for you, and without good staff you don’t have a good business.

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