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Regional Youth Support Services.

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This episode of Small Business State of mind features Kim McLoughry from Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS). Kim talks about the pride she has in her employees, and how investment in great staff leads to an engaging and productive workplace. Kim emphasises the importance of building a mentally healthy workplace to ensure all employees feel supported and engaged.

We’re one of the leaders of the youth services here on the Central Coast.

I take great pride in that and we get really great results with the kids we’ve got and that’s because we’ve got great staff, great workers they’re very engaging they’re fantastic communicators they’re very passionate about what they do and they’re very skilled. We’ve got a fairly high level of skills and qualifications in our agency which is a really good thing.

So working out here in community we have to create those safety mechanisms ourselves- it’s that constant surveillance, it’s listening, hearing, observing what’s going on it’s that constant monitoring and being able to respond to things fairly promptly.

Preventing things wherever you can is a really important thing around safety because this is about human safety, it’s mental health yeah, we’ve got trip hazards and the physical hazard stuff but it’s really our concern most of the time is really around people and behaviour and health.

My advice would be select your staff carefully and thoughtfully maintaining your staff really well and keeping a really healthy culture in your business.

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