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Avoiding difficult conversations is a risk to employers

Avoiding difficult conversations is a risk to employers

Avoiding difficult conversations is a risk to employers

Most employers rate having difficult conversations with their staff as their least favorite responsibility. An issue generally will never resolve itself without intervention, so putting off a potentially awkward, draining and time consuming experience can only cause negative effects on a workplace and the staff body.

Failing to implement difficult conversations, which is an important management responsibility, can cause legal risks and reduce an employer’s ability to successfully defend any legal claims if they arise. Implementing a difficult conversation should be a standard procedure when an issue comes up.

The attached article from Mondaq explores the dangers that can result from avoiding difficult conversations.

For instance, warning an employee early on about unsatisfactory work performance and giving them an opportunity to respond, is a key element of procedural fairness. Without this basic step a dismissal may be found to be unfair by the Fair Work Commission.

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