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FWO to audit fruit orchards

FWO to audit fruit orchards

Seasonal Workers

FWO to audit fruit orchards

In the coming weeks, the Fair Work Ombudsman intends to audit employers running apple and pear orchards across NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. The audits are a part of the FWO’s campaign on seasonal workers.

The unannounced audits will ensure that employers in the apple and pear industry understand and are compliant with their workplace obligations.

The FWO is targeting the industry as it attracts a significant number of complaints from vulnerable employees such as overseas workers who are not fully aware of their entitlements.

Common issues of non-compliance in the apple and pear industry generally include underpayment of minimum hourly rates, failure to make written piece-work agreements with employees on piece-rates and inadequate wage records and pay slips.

*Information sourced via the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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