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Melbourne employer fined over $140,000

Melbourne employer fined over $140,000


Melbourne employer fined over $140,000

A Melbourne based business and its owner have been slapped with a hefty penalty for the serious underpayment of immigrant workers.

Liu Ming Pan, the owner of Australia China Trading Investment Consultancy Group Pty Ltd, has faced legal action for the underpayment of 5 Chinese workers from 2009 to 2013.

The business traded as an agency that assisted international students seeking Australian visas and entry into educational institutions.

The workers, who now hold permanent residency, were paid well below the minimum hourly rate, as low as $9 an hour for hours worked. Pan also failed to provide other entitlements, including penalty rates and annual leave.

For failure to comply with workplace laws, the owner has been penalised $22,079 and the business a further $118,711.

All underpayments have been rectified in full.

*Information sourced via the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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