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Employsure is Australia’s leading expert in the field of workplace relations, offering a suite of services to support our clients to succeed.

Employsure vision.

To help build better businesses, starting with better workplaces.

At Employsure, we know that effectively managing employees and establishing compliant workplace structures are some of the most challenging concerns for Australian employers while trying to grow their business. Workplace relations is a complex, dynamic landscape. Changes to legislation, and the workplace relations frameworks can be difficult to interpret, particularly when the requirements can vary greatly amongst differing employees.

We believe all Australian employers, no matter their size, deserve access to comprehensive, quality, honest advice and support that is scalable to the needs of their business. Employsure empowers employers, providing them with the knowledge and strategies to ensure fairness and safety in the workplace, something which is fundamental to business success.


Australia’s workplace relations system is one of the most complex systems in the world. With the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009, employment obligations became even more complex and difficult for anyone to navigate and ultimately, understand.

In 2010, it was identified that the amount of red tape associated with employment relations and work health and safety was increasingly distracting businesses from their core operations. Justifiably, Australian business continue to be confused by the ever-changing complex workplace relations system.

Employsure was established in response to these challenges, taking the burden out of navigating complex workplace relations. It is our aim to ensure Australian employers have access to cost-effective, professional advice on all employment relations and work health and safety matters - giving them the peace of mind to focus on running their business.

Today, Employsure is the largest provider of employment relations and work health and safety services in Australia - servicing over 28,000 clients nationally. Employsure is part of the Peninsula Group and continues to be one of the fastest growing professional services company in Australia.

We are committed to helping businesses small and large achieve complete fairness and safety in their workplace. This is our passion and the way we help our clients businesses succeed.

we offer.

Navigating Australia’s workplace relations system can be confusing. Employsure empowers employers, providing you with specialised advice, assistance and the immediate solutions so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. We connect employers with our passionate and highly trained specialists to offer a complete suite of services.


We review your workplace processes and documents to identify specific gaps and solutions. Based on this, we provide you with the best practice tool to lay the foundations for ensuring a fair and safe workplace.

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You receive unlimited, proactive and professional advice on employment relations and workplace health and safety whenever you need it, day or night.

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In the event of a claim against your business, our legal partner, Employsure Law, can advise you through the process and provide professional representation when needed.

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"Dealing with you guys is like an extension of our own company - you have learned who we are and mould your advice around us."


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Our clients love the fact we are always there for them, whatever their concern. Whether it be handling a difficult employee, applying parental leave or updating policies, we are always on their side.

Employsure gives clients the confidence to know they are compliant when it comes to employment relations and work health and safety, allowing them to get on with running their business.

Working at

At Employsure you will find supportive, team oriented and like minded people who empower you to make a difference.

Each day is different at Employsure. We work in an ever changing, vibrant industry and attract people who appreciate variety, stimulation and reward. Our employees go one step above to provide our clients with peace of mind.

We have openings in IT, Finance, Marketing, Work Health and Safety, Employment Relations, Consultancy, HR, Sales, Client Services and many more!

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