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Understanding Personal/Carer’s Leave

When employees fall ill or become injured or if they need time off work to care for an immediate family member or a member of their household who is ill or injured, they can access their personal/carer’s leave.


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Workplace hygiene

All workplace environments need to be hygienic and safe for both employees and visitors. This applies to all, not just workplaces involved...

Managing Workplace Romance – A Guide For Employers

Workplace Romance Love is in the air… but should it be? It’s a perennial question for employers when considering romance in the...

How to Manage Complaints From Employees

Managing Employee Complaints Managing complaints from employees is an integral part of being an employer. It is also something that most...

 Are You Grieving Over Workplace Grievances?

Introduction Workplace grievances will arise at some point and it is how they are managed that makes all the difference. Regardless of the...

Sunday Penalty Rate Changes for 2019

Sunday Penalty Rate Changes for 2019 As part of a staggered change to Sunday penalty rates, 1 July 2019 saw a reduction to certain penalty...

Employsure | Complaints from employees & how to deal with them

Managing complaints from employees Managing complaints from employees is an integral part of being an employer. It is also something that...

5 of the Craziest Cases Raised in Employment Law

Workplace health and safety laws in Australia can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around, but compliant application can lead to a safer...

Essential Award Changes for 2019 EOFY period

We’ve outlined some of the key changes below which may affect your business There are a raft changes to workplace laws effective from...

Do I have to release an employee who has been summoned for jury service?

Short answer: as an employer, yes. You are obliged to release any employee summoned for jury service as stated in the National...

Interviewing Your Candidate - You Can’t Ask That

9 Interview Questions You Must Avoid Recruiting is a big deal for small business. But asking the wrong interview questions can land you...

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