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Are Facebook posts grounds for termination?

TerminationSeptember 26, 2013

Are Facebook posts grounds for termination? (Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

We all need to be a little cautious with what we post on social media sites such as Facebook. As soon as you publish material online, it is out there in the virtual world.

A recent case over in New Zealand has sparked discussion here in Australia regarding whether social media posts can be used as evidence in terminating an employee.

A former flight attendant for Air NZ was fired because she refused her employer access to her Facebook page. Her employer had suspicion that she misused her sick leave.

Australian employers can usually only request evidence such as a doctor’s certificate from employees to verify that they were actually unfit to work.

However, can employers request information from an employee’s social media site if they have reasonable suspicion that they misused their leave?

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