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Australians are workaholics

CultureDecember 9, 2014

Australians are workaholics (Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

Working overtime, having lunch at your desk and feeling a strong compulsion to work excessively hard is a common occurrence in Australian workplaces. According to executive consultant, Leanne Faraday-Brash from Brash Consulting team structures have changed post GFC and workers are feeling insecure.

The International Journal of Stress Management identifies that workaholics ‘feel compelled to do overtime, take work home and work on weekends and holidays’. People who are struggling with the balance between their work and other personal fulfillment have skewed feelings of ‘guilt and worthlessness that arise when they do not work’.

If you believe that your staff may be showing traits of a compulsive workaholic competitiveness there is a chance that this can lead to poor office culture. It can start with ‘competing with and surpassing other colleagues by driving oneself hard’. Productivity is achieved however other colleagues can feel threatened and demoralised. Employers need to look out for bullying and stress levels in the workplace.

If you are an employer and you do not have a bullying policy implemented into your employee contracts or employee handbooks call Employsure today on 1300 651 415. We can protect your business from the hardships associated with employment relations claims by providing you with advice and solutions. It is also important to be looking out for the mental health of your employees and it is essential that employers understand leave obligations and your staff’ sick leave entitlements.

Bullying in the workplace can lead to investigations and fines from governing bodies such as the Fair Work Ombudsman or the Fair Work Commission. Paying exorbitant legal fees and rebuilding a tarnished business reputation can be avoided if you have the correct policies and procedures in place for your staff to follow and abide by.

*Information sourced via The New Daily Website.


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