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Business owner jailed for fraud

Leave entitlementsFebruary 26, 2014

Business owner jailed for fraud (Last Updated On: February 26, 2014)

Stephen Worton claimed to be unfit for work but his lavish holidays to India, Amsterdam, Turkey and Egypt during his ’10 year sick leave’ has finished with 18 months of jail.

Worton scammed the system. He claimed to be unfit for work for nearly 10 years and received benefits from the government. The government genuinely believed Worton was disadvantaged. What the government didn’t know was he was running a successful roofing business and earning around £60,000 a year. Worton owned a static caravan and a motor cruise boat which someone who genuinely in receipt of benefits could only dream of having.

The scam was exposed when investigators found pictures of Worton enjoying himself on trips around the world.

In total, he racked up £85,768.99 over ten years, the court heard. This is nearly $16,000 in Australian dollars.

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