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7-Eleven: a valuable lesson in what not to do

7-Eleven is the largest convenience store in Australia. With over 600 stores nationwide, it is currently under heavy media spotlight for...

Australian sick and annual leave patterns.

Please note that the information provided below is relevant as of 21/06/16. To receive news on the latest legislative changes, sign up for...

What is the difference between a manager (doing their job) and a bully?

Everyone has the right to go to work and not experience bullying or harassment. Workplace bullying is a very serious issue, with the amount...

Do employers need to agree to flexible working arrangements?

Flexible working arrangements allow employees more flexibility with their work / life balance. Working parents, particularly those with...

True or false: you can terminate your employee while they are on annual leave.

Put yourself in the shoes of this employer: you have an employee who is absent from work on four weeks annual leave. The employee has...

Workplace dress code is a common complaint.

ThereĀ are many benefits to implementing a dress code within your business, especially in workplaces where staff have regular face to face...

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