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Onboarding new staff checklist

New Employee Onboarding Checklist A new year brings new recruitment opportunities for your business. First impressions count for both the...

Probation Periods – Common Questions Answered

Probationary periods often cause a level of uncertainty. Many employers can be confused about the length of probation periods, who they...

Fixed term, casual and permanent - what is the difference?

A workplace can be a mix of employment types, including fixed-term employees, casuals and permanents.  Having a detailed...

Better Business Podcast

Katie Acheson, CEO of Youth Action and Evan Goodman, entrepreneur and small business mentor, join the Better Business podcast to discuss...

Recruiting for Success Client Webinar

This webinar aims to provide employers with the right skills and confidence to successfully onboard new staff. From selecting the right...

What a Startup Business of the Year finalist looks like: Aquashield Bathrooms

For Chris and Angela starting a new business Aquashield Bathrooms, was a big risk to take. Requiring a large chunk of change that Angela...

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