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Onboarding new staff checklist

A new year brings new recruitment opportunities for your business. First impressions count for both the employee and the employer –...

Hiring and firing over Christmas

The Christmas period is a particularly challenging time for businesses. This can particularly be the case  for businesses trading in the...

Is it unlawful for employers to look at an applicant’s social media sites?

Almost all employers (93%) say that they search social media profiles during the interview process according to a study by Jobvite....

Part-time work is on the rise. How will this affect you?

The Australian workforce is constantly changing and adapting, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claiming that 300,000 new jobs were...

Better Business Podcast: How To Spot A Dodgy CV

Better Business Podcast: How To Spot A Dodgy CV The Dodgy CV — one of the most vexing issues of the recruitment process. But are there...

Why Good Job Descriptions Are Good Business

More than a routine procedure, a Job Description is one of your most important corporate documents. Here's why you shouldn't cut corners on...

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