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Workplace Health and Safety

Employee denied compensation for sex injury on business trip

Australia’s High Court has denied compensation to a government employee who was injured while having sex during a business trip. The em...

Mankind and manufacturing – working safe and sound

Australia has revealed that the manufacturing industry is not as safe as many would believe. The statistics are hazardous. In 2011/12, the ...

August is Tradies National Health Month

August is Tradies National Health Month, and the initiative focuses on looking out for the health and safety of our tradies. The Australian ...

Mental Health Awareness Month

Tomorrow is the first day of October and the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month. The initiative is a great opportunity for employers...

Men keep it hush hush behind those mo’

Did you know that 50% of fathers, brothers, grandfathers and boyfriends are willing to lie to their bosses and colleagues and hide the fact ...

New mental health statistics – Mental as anything

Stress related compensation claims are ballooning! New mental health statistics from the WorkCover and Fairfax reports a steep incline of st...

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