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Chainsawing through a problem

UnderpaymentsMarch 23, 2016

Chainsawing through a problem (Last Updated On: March 23, 2016)

Video footage has been released on social media, showing angry tradesmen taking chainsaws to a partly built home, over a pay dispute with their boss. The tradesmen videoed themselves destroying the house they had helped build, as retribution for lack of payment.

The minute long video shared on Aussie Uptrend Engineering & Construction’s Facebook page, was uploaded with the caption ‘Builder who don’t wanna pay invoices’. The video shows the tradesmen chainsawing through the trusses of the house, along with pylons and wooden beams in a bid to teach their boss a lesson for their alleged non-payment.

Many comments were posted on the Facebook video, with people criticising the building company for not paying their contractors for work completed. Others however, felt that whilst the non-payments were awful, the tradesmen’s reaction was over the top and created a potentially dangerous situation with their chainsaw antics. The tradesmen and the construction site have not been identified.

There are two issues presenting in this story. First and foremost, the illegal and gross misconduct of the tradesmen, and the suspected non-payment which lead to the outburst. Employers need to be aware of their obligations when it comes to correctly paying their staff and handling misconduct. Employsure can assist employers with ensuring they meet all their employment obligations, along with the appropriate way to manage misconduct.  Contact us today on 1300 651 415 and receive advice from highly skilled professionals on any employee concerns.

Sourced via Yahoo! 7 News. Watch video here

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