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Changes to Broadcasting and Recorded Entertainment Award 2010 (BREA).

Changes to Broadcasting and Recorded Entertainment Award 2010 (BREA).

The Fair Work Commission has issued a change to the Broadcasting and Recorded Entertainment Award 2010, which is now in force and employers must comply.

What are the changes?

The major changes to the Award include:

  • expanding coverage under the award to include captioners, audio-describers, subtitlers and subtitling editors (with associated insertion of roles at various skill levels into the existing classification structure)
  • a 17% shift penalty for employees in the newly included roles (captioners, audio-describers, subtitlers and subtitling editors) when working a shift of at least seven hours’ duration that commences after 12.00pm and before 6.00pm
  • a paid 10 minute break every two hours for employees in the above roles while they are working on visual display terminals
  • confirmation cinema workers and dancers are covered by this Award
  • clarification that Part 10 – Actors applies to productions other than film productions
  • confirmation clause 74.2 is intended to provide relevant employees with overtime payment rate double their ordinary base rate of pay

What do employers do now?

The changes are now in operation, meaning employers must consider the above in managing employees covered by this Award. Employers should be making sure they are across the changes, ensuring they are comfortable with how to implement changes to maintain compliance.  For advice on the changes, employers should contact Employsure on 1300 651 415.

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