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Coles is collecting their moral and ethical responsibility

UnderpaymentsOctober 7, 2014

Coles is collecting their moral and ethical responsibility (Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Coles is the first major retailer to admit that there is a common problem and mistreatment of trolley collectors in Australian supermarkets, and they are about to make a moral and ethical change. The truth is, until now, there has been a standing drudge that snakes back years and many Coles trolley collectors in the past have been paid as little as $5 an hour in a dangerous and physically demanding role.

The past 6 years alone The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered more than $433,000 in underpaid wages and entitlements for 528 trolley collectors throughout Australia. These figures raised many concerns for The Fair Work Ombudsman who admits that their practices were ‘highly vulnerable to exploitation and poor employment practices’. Coles and their new commitment to the Fair Work Ombudsmen and Section 715 of the Fair Work Act. 2009 have promised to turn around the stigma associated with trolley collectors in Australia. They have publically declared their ‘ethical and moral responsibility to stamp out exploitation’ of their staff. Coles has set up a $500,000 fund that will be used to payback trolley collectors who have been underpaid.

Being one of the leading household names Coles and their moral revamp supports community and social change and ensures that they are providing an equal, fair and safe work environment for their staff. As the first retailer to abolish underpayments of trolley collectors, Coles hopes that other major chains will also follow their lead. Coles, as a result, will become a much more attractive place to work and their staff will appreciate the payment protection they are provided.

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*Information sourced via The Fair Work Ombudsman website.

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