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Employee behaving like a Troll?

Employee behaving like a Troll? (Last Updated On: October 11, 2018)

The courier company Toll has rightfully dismissed an employee who constantly performed his role with inappropriate behaviour. Toll conducted several investigations into the employee after a complaint was made by an independent drug tester during a random onsite test last year.

Toll found that the man acted aggressively and had a “lack of respect” towards managers. He had aggressively intimidated the drug tester and also composed a false safety report. In response to the behaviour Toll gave the employee 3 written warnings and 4 counselling letters for his behaviour.

After the employee failed to attend meetings to discuss his behavioural concerns Toll issued him with a termination letter. The letter stated that he failed to modify his behaviour even though he had been trained multiple times on the company’s expectations of staff. He had received multiple letters of warning and abandoned opportunities for counselling by management, Toll had an obligation to provide a working environment free from inappropriate behaviour and victimisation.

Toll had followed a process which enabled them to rightfully terminate an employee. By following procedures, employment relations and management of staff can be orderly maintained and justified. The key aspects of Toll’s procedure were;

  • Giving the employee written warnings and counselling letters;
  • Providing staff training on behavioural and company expectations;
  • Conducting their own investigations and gathering actual evidence from the drug tester;
  • Ensuring that they provided for all staff a safe working environment free from bad behaviour.

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*Information sourced via Workplace Express website. 

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