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Employers can be pretty ugly when recruiting

DiscriminationJuly 22, 2015

Employers can be pretty ugly when recruiting (Last Updated On: August 8, 2016)

Lucy Kellaway is a columnist for the Financial Times in the UK. This week she has written an amusing piece on the facists of the world. In her 56 years she concurs that humanity has either become prettier or workplaces are only hiring pretty people.

Employers hiring staff can be judgemental even before meeting an interviewee. Just think about this scenario; A resume lands on your desk, you read through their qualifications…Then what?
Kellaway, along with many more employers, google the candidate trying to find their profile picture, which forms a judgement without even clapping eyes on them face to face. Is the internet making things worse? Are employers hiding behind an email rather than potentially meeting their next greatest asset?

Recruiters and employers can sometimes be labelled faceist, finding prettier people for competitive jobs. Did you know that it has been found that ‘good looking people earn some 10 per cent more than bad looking’?

“CEOs with commanding faces have been shown to run companies that make the fattest profits” said Kellaway.

Employers in Australia need to be mindful of this debate, hiring people based on their looks could lead to discrimination and an adverse action claim. The Fair Work Act protects both job applicants as well as employees.

If you would like to discuss implementing an anti-discrimination policy into your employment handbooks or if you require support for an adverse action claim, Employsure can provide employers with employment relations solutions. Call Employsure to find out more on 1300 651 415.

Sourced: Financial Review

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