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Employsure success story – Bentleys Hair

Minimum Wage, Modern AwardsDecember 21, 2015

Employsure success story – Bentleys Hair (Last Updated On: December 21, 2015)

Bentleys Hair of Canberra: Expert advice at the fingertips

June Irving is the owner of Bentleys, a popular hairdresser in Canberra. Using a solicitor for employment contracts was costing her a fortune. Employsure simplified the award structure and gave her expert advice, so now she has confidence her employees are under the correct award.

“Employsure helps me sleep at night, I know I’ve got expert advice at my fingertips that’s easily accessible, anytime.” June, Bentleys Hair of Canberra.


Like many small businesses, June was using a solicitor to draw up employment contracts for her hairdressing staff. But it was costing her, as she put it, “an arm and a leg”.

June found out about Employsure when one of our consultants attended a training seminar for the hair and beauty industry. She realised she needed a new system that would give her and her partners peace of mind about managing employees. She wanted the certainty her business was safe and that she would be kept up to date with legislative changes likely to affect her business.

What we did

June spoke to an Employsure consultant and became a client in December 2014. We reviewed her business and provided comprehensive, tailor made documentation that were fully compliant with relevant employment law and legislation. We interpreted the Hair and Beauty Industry Award in line with her business and helped implement it into her business, for use across all her employees.

June immediately took advantage of our unlimited advice line and found what we advised was simple and easy to put into practice. We also provided follow-up documents that were tailored specifically to her business.

The result


Using the accurate award rate for all her staff has provided June the protection she needed and is easier and cheaper than drawing up each employment contract with a solicitor. She also knows she is doing right by her employees.


Our advice is simple and easy to facilitate and, because follow up documents are written just for her business, the whole process of employment has become easier.


Knowing she has expert advice at her fingertips – without paying an arm and a leg – helps June sleep at night.


Our relationship with Bentleys gives business partners complete peace of mind and June acknowledges this by recommending our service to anyone who needs it “without any hesitation”.

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