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Employsure’s guide to new starter inductions

Employsure’s guide to new starter inductions (Last Updated On: May 26, 2016)

New starters can invigorate any business, bringing much needed relief to overworked colleagues in times of high demand, perhaps completely changing the team dynamic for the better. When demands are high, the temptation to put them straight in front of their computer, workbench, or out in the field can be strong. At Employsure, we believe a well-planned induction is the key to employee success and therefore needs to strike a balance between immediate needs and the long term investment in your staff.

How Employsure inducts new starters

We are very proud of the induction process here at Employsure, and while we are a considerable large workplace, there are many ways to adapt what we do into smaller workplaces. It is important to remember, induction is one part of the hiring process that plays a vital part in ensuring an overall positive experience for candidates.

Day 1

New starters arrive and are greeted by our Concierge and a member of our recruitment team. The equivalent for any workplace would be someone your new employee dealt with during the recruitment process.

The day is composed of informal presentations from each department head so the new starter can see how his or her area, and more importantly their individual role, fits into the larger organisation.

Our Managing Director, Edward Mallett, gives a very personal presentation on the circumstances and reasons behind starting Employsure, the vision for the business and the values that underlie the company. Every small business owner/operator should have the equivalent and we believe it is powerful for this to be communicated.

There is a group lunch provided where each employees’ new manager and another team members will join and get to know one another on a more social level. Your company does not have to provide lunch, simply suggesting a team lunch out or sitting together can really ingrain team values from the get go.

Day 2

New starters sit with a member of each department and shadows them, in order to put the information provided on the first day into perspective, and to grasp how the business runs as a whole.

Day 3 and 4

New starters are now with their teams who work closely with them to train and integrate them into the business.

A well designed new starter induction will reward both the company and the employee. By implementing and maintaining a program, new employees can gain a greater understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of their role, and are able to ease into the company with more confidence.

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