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Female tradies are being forced out

Bullying & HarassmentDecember 7, 2015

Female tradies are being forced out (Last Updated On: December 7, 2015)

Recent findings have shown that women are leaving trade apprenticeships unfinished at a higher rate than men. The authors of a report commissioned by the NSW Skills Board found that bullying and sexism were the main reasons behind this.

Every woman surveyed was found to have experienced bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. One in four women stated they had experience unwanted sexual attention from their work colleagues.

The report found that female tradies do expect to experience a tough work environment, however they do not expect to work in an environment full of innuendos, prejudiced or sexual propositions.

Whilst the trade industry is heavily male dominated, women have a drive to prove themselves and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Yet for many women, finding an employer willing to take on a female trade apprentice is a challenge.

The report found that a third of employers questioned a women’s physical strength and the likelihood of a women experiencing injuries. 40% of women surveyed claimed to have had to work twice as hard as their male counterparts just to be considered half as capable.

One in three female apprentices surveyed had quit their apprenticeship due to being treated unfairly.

The report also found that female apprentices were reluctant to voice their complaints for fear of being known as ‘the girl who goes to HR’. However, 44% of female trade drop outs had made a complaint before leaving but only after ‘being pushed to the edge’.

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Sourced via The Age

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