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Five tips for the best performance review

Five tips for the best performance review (Last Updated On: May 25, 2016)

Performance reviews are beneficial to both employees and employers. It provides the opportunity to evaluate and review the contribution an employee is making to the business or areas which require improvement.

Employees should never hear about poor performance for the first time in their performance review. If there is an area of an employee’s role which needs improvement, they should be aware of it prior to the review. The review should be used as a helpful session to discuss how that employee has improved in the particular area, rather than pointing it out for the first time.

Employsure has five top tips to ensure you conduct the best performance review possible.

1. Be prepared

If a manager is unprepared for a performance review, it diminishes the value for the employee and can make them feel unappreciated. Put significant thought into the performance review, including the key messages you want to communicate to your employee. The employee needs to fully understand what is expected of their performance and whether or not they are reaching these goals.

2. Do not just focus on the now

Performance reviews must cover the employee’s performance for the entire period of time between now and the last review. Therefore, do not focus on what has happened this week only, but how the employee has been performing for the entire period the review covers.

3. If your company uses performance review forms, provide this to the employee beforehand

If your company has a performance review form which is filled out, ensure the employee has sufficient time to review this prior to the review meeting. This way they have a chance to prepare questions regarding your feedback and are not caught unawares in the meeting.

4. Allow communication

The employee should always be allowed to offer their feedback regarding any of the points mentioned in the review meeting. If the manager is the one doing all the talking, the review will become less effective. A performance review should be the opportunity for the employee to become motivated and excited about their performance and areas they can improve. If the review meeting turns into more of a lecture, the value is diminished.

5. End the meeting on the same page

At the conclusion of the review meeting both yourself and your employee should be on the same page regarding their performance and any areas for improvement. The employee should not leave the meeting resentful because they feel blindsided, but rather they should have clear goals and feel that you are on their side in achieving them.

Performance reviews should be viewed as the opportunity to encourage and work with your employee to improve their overall performance and contribution to the workplace. If you go into a performance review with a positive attitude it will be much more beneficial to yourself and your employees.

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