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How employers can bulldoze bullying

Bullying & HarassmentOctober 15, 2014

How employers can bulldoze bullying (Last Updated On: October 15, 2014)

Need solutions to avoid bullying claims in your workplace?
The director of Worklogic Rose Bryant-Smith has tips for all employers. Bryant-Smith says that Australian employers often sweep employment problems under the carpet and avoid hard conversations with difficult employees. In one scenario she outlined that an employee was moved from department to department after years of bullying and manipulation of accountability of the staff member’s actions. Does this sound like a problem you are currently facing?

Although the government has recently made it easier for employees to make bullying claims due to new federal anti-bullying laws there has not been a dramatic increase in new claims. This suggests that the topic is not at the forefront of workplace conversations and that many people out there are feeling the silent strain of workplace bullying.

The stress of workplace bullying creates emotional fallouts between employees while cohesion and morale go out the window. This ultimately leads to poor performance and a drop in productivity.

However there are solutions, so listen up!

  • Clearly communicate company expectations and performance management processes as it will instil better behaviours and warrant your staff to do the right thing;
  • Implement workplace values and missions around the behaviours of staff and approach to work;
  • Ensure that staff are educated and that they understand a clear definition of what constitutes bullying;
  • Ensure that your workplace has legitimate performance management;
  • Managers need to provide their employees with constant feedback, both positive and negative so that they clearly know what they have done wrong and it is spoken and understood by both parties;
  • Do not tolerate low level misconduct and underperformance, address problems as soon as they arise;
  • Write scripts and identify the messages and topics to discuss and keep written records of allmeetings;
  • Managers should be formally trained on how to deal with difficult conversations and know the basics of employment relations laws;
  • Avoid any discussion of personal dislike or undermine difficult employees. The focus should purely be on the misconduct.

If you would like to address any bullying discussion points brought up in this article call Employsure on 1300 651 415. We assist with many difficult conversations for our clients every day, 24/7. We can also support you through any employment relations issues you are facing or to ensure that you do not experience them in the future. If you would like peace of mind and help to implement these key anti-bullying solutions, what are you waiting for? Call us today.

*Information sourced via The Australian Financial Review. 

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