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Islamic school is under the Fair Work hammer

Islamic school is under the Fair Work hammer (Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

An Islamic school is in Federal Court after hiring more than a dozen teachers on illegal contracts and then falsifying and tampering with the evidence.

Under the Teachers Modern Award 2012, schools are allowed to hire a maximum of three teachers on fixed-term contracts. This is because teachers on this contractual agreement find it hard to “concentrate on their students because they are worrying whether or not they will have a job the next year”. It is also not in the best interest for a child to have numerous teachers in a school year.

The Islamic school, however, hired 13 teachers on these fixed-term contracts in order to “plug gaps when teachers take extended absences from classroom duties”. It was when investigations into the contracts applied at the school did things really started to go sour. Two teachers in particular can recall been given “sworn statements that school management asked them to replace the front pages of their employment agreements”.

A forensic computer expert was also hired who found suspicious modifications to key documents after legal action was launched. However the most baffling and unlawful act was yet to be uncovered. The school has since claimed that the computer storing the electronic copies of the contracts cannot be inspected because it has been destroyed with a hammer.

If you are an employer and you are facing an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman your cooperation needs to be instrumental in the recovery of your business or workplace. If employers react in an unfavourable manor it can have crippling effects and perhaps mean more fines and greater legal bills.

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*Information sourced via The Age Victoria

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