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Bullying & HarassmentOctober 3, 2014

Lycra aversion (Last Updated On: October 3, 2014)

Anti-bullying procedures have gone to a whole new level for a male employee who has been banned from flexing, stretching and exercising in front of his female colleague during office hours.

The female employee filed an application for an order to stop bullying as she found his routine of exercising before work on the balcony of their office repulsive as well as a form of bullying.  As a result the Fair Work Commission has ordered the male employee to not talk about his colleague’s appearance out of earshot of other co-workers, email his colleague non-work related information, send emails to her without another co-worker copied in and not contact his colleague on her personal phone unless there was a work-related emergency.

This example shows the broad range of The Fair Work’s anti-bullying laws. If an employee files a complaint and the Fair Work Commission investigates the matter and deems the bullying justified, staff can be forced to modify their behaviour.

Small businesses can really suffer if staff morale is low. This is why it’s crucial for SMEs to monitor the feelings and actions of their staff. To run a successful business employers need a cohesive and pleasant team. This matter could have been solved prior to investigations and hearings if management had been able to control the work environment.

If you would like to ensure you provide a workplace where employees feel that they can discuss bullying and other issues in a professional way, contact Employsure on 1300 651 415. Employsure can put in place documentation and processes to which staff can seek change to or be protected in their work environment should it become unsafe or uncomfortable.

*Information sourced via Employment Law Matters and Smart Company websites.

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