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More clarity. Less risk – Australian College of Training – Success Story

More clarity. Less risk – Australian College of Training – Success Story (Last Updated On: November 3, 2016)

“Employsure has taken away all sense of confusion. When we feel like we are in a bad position, they tell us what to do next – so easy.” Terrence, Australian College of Training


Australian College of Training (ACT) began as a small WA business in 2003 and is now a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

The owners, Terrence and Christina Richards, both had fairly in-depth Industrial Relations and HR backgrounds, however, struggled to stay on top of changes in awards and standards. Mainly, they felt these changes were poorly communicated to employers and inconsistent messaging was received from Fair Work.

No matter how often they called Fair Work they never received any clarity, and continual conflicting messaging. Terrence and Christina were forced to do their own research and talk to people who they thought might have the accurate knowledge. Their confusion was resolved only at the Commission, which was complicated and expensive.

Terrence and Christina felt they “had no rights” and were really open to exploitation. It appeared their staff could put in all types of claims and they were forced to go through the process, creating all types of unnecessary stress. It made staff extremely anxious and “affected our lives tremendously”.

They were concerned that not having the right policies and procedures in place or the wrong interpretation of awards meant mistakes and a claim was just “waiting to happen”. In addition, the cost of insuring their compliance as a small business and an RTO was “huge money”.

What we did

Employsure stepped in at a difficult time when the business was confronted with a Fair Work claim. Employsure made them feel they were not alone. They were certainly not the only business owners out there experiencing confusion and facing a claim. They had not intentionally done anything wrong and were not bad business people, they had simply made an honest mistake.

Once Employsure stepped in, they gained a full understanding of the rights of their employees, and we provided them with useful documents to consider their rights and responsibilities as business owners. Having the correct policies and procedures in place took away all their worry and in their own words, “was the absolute benefit of having Employsure by our side”.

On top of that, we provided unlimited advice on cue and indemnity against any further risk of claims, at a price much lower than the cost of going to the Commission.

The result

Better business

Terrence and Christina are very passionate about what they do. Since signing up with Employsure, they can now concentrate on their core business and being leaders in their industry. As Christina says, “Employsure looks after us. It makes us better at what we do”.


Christina loves how accessible Employsure is. She describes our service delivery as exceptionally efficient and we always get back to her quickly. When there is an urgent matter, they are confident they will get the same adviser, or someone who is well briefed, to ensure consistency. In addition, they always know they can call after hours to get advice.

Prevention and protection

Employsure provides prevention and protection. If a new person is coming into the business, Christina has peace of mind in knowing the contract and on boarding paperwork is correct. Having Employsure there gives her the clarity about what should be in place.

Reduce risk

Employsure consults with both Christina and Terrence to help them make the right decisions, which ultimately, reduces their risk. They no longer have to worry about claims because Employsure will provide practical advice and indemnity.


Employsure ensures ACT is a “measure of fairness and equality to all”. Employees are aware of the business expectations and work collaboratively together to maintain them.


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