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Do part-time staff get paid sick leave?

Leave entitlementsFebruary 5, 2018

Do part-time staff get paid sick leave? (Last Updated On: October 19, 2018)

Sick and carer’s leave (also known as personal leave or personal / carer’s leave) allow permanent employees to take time off to help them deal with personal illness, caring responsibilities, and family emergencies.  Under the National Employment Standards, all employees (except casual employees) get paid sick leave based on their ordinary hours of work.

Part-time employees get the same minimum entitlements as a full-time employee, based on how many hours they work each week.

How to calculate sick leave for part-time employees.

The amount of sick leave will be calculated on the basis of an accrued annual entitlement and part-time employees will receive an amount pro-rata to the entitlement of your full-time employees. For example, a full-time worker working five days a week may receive 10 days of sick leave in a year. Therefore, a part time worker working an average of two and a half days a week would then receive five days of sick leave.

The leave year starts on each employee’s start date, with their entitlement accruing from there and rolls over year to year.  In other words, the balance at the end of each year carries over to the next year. However, employees are not entitled to have accrued personal leave paid out on termination, unless it is specified in their contract of employment, Award or Enterprise Agreement.

Remember, if an employee is entitled to sick leave, they must be paid at least their base rate of pay for their ordinary hours of work whilst on personal/career’s leave, unless their Award, Enterprise Agreement or contract provides a greater entitlement.

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