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Review your workplace for slips, trips, and falls.

Review your workplace for slips, trips, and falls. (Last Updated On: July 10, 2017)

Each year, thousands of Australian workers suffer an injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall costing Australian businesses lost work days and workers’ compensation payments. In addition, there can be financial, physical and emotional costs for the injured worker.

The simplest way of preventing slips, trips and falls in your workplace is to review, assesses, and monitor safety hazards and risks.

Trips and falls

Trips and falls often occur because of uneven flooring or cluttered walkways with low lying obstacles which are not easily visible or noticed. Common examples include trailing cables, uneven edges to flooring, gratings or covers, loose mats or carpet tiles and changes of floor surface level.

Trips and falls can be prevented by:

  • reviewing housekeeping practices
  • ensuring the floor surface is in good order and free from holes, uneven surfaces
  • removing or sealing buckling linoleum or carpet edges
  • reviewing changes in floor surface level, or if this is not possible, highlighting these changes


Prompt attention to contaminants, spills, floor surfaces, and reviewing cleaning practices are important to prevent slips.

Floor surfaces require sufficient grip to prevent slipping, especially in areas which may become wet or contaminated. Contaminants can be considered as anything that ends up on a floor. Contaminants can be wet such as water, oil or grease, or dry such as dust, metal shavings, plastic bags or off-cuts. The greater the thickness or viscosity of the contaminants, the greater the slip resistance of the flooring required to protect against slipping.

Cleaning is an important aspect of safety. To maintain a clean work environment remind your employees that they each have a role to play in keeping the work area clear and are responsible for their own spills.

Floor surfaces need to be cleaned properly to ensure that:

  • contaminants are effectively removed
  • a build-up of cleaning product residue is avoided
  • the floor does not become too slippery
  • floors maintain slip resistant properties (of non-slip flooring)

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