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Richard Branson has spoilt his employees again

Parental LeaveJune 11, 2015

Richard Branson has spoilt his employees again (Last Updated On: November 18, 2016)

Both mothers and fathers who are employed by Richard Branson will now receive a full year of parental leave and collect 100% of their salary during this time. The new policy will be awarded to loyal employees of Virgin Management who have been employed for four or more years.

Branson has not forgotten new recruits either. He is providing them with proportional remuneration, starting from 25 per cent of their salary for less than two years’ service. This is “better than the current provisions” available from the Australian Government.

The Government currently offers new mothers and fathers 18 weeks of parental leave for one partner and 2 weeks for the other. During this time they receive the minimum wage.

Due to the abolishment of double dipping, Employers who want to look like an attractive workplace need to better the government offering. If you wish to implement a parental leave policy should be taking into consideration the following:

– Is the policy you are offering irrespective of gender?
– Does it cover employees who wish to adopt a child?
– Do you have any limitations to the amount of remuneration during this time?
– How many days or months do you wish to offer for parental leave?

Normally employers who exceed the provisions from the government will encourage staff retention and according to Branson, “if you take care of your employees they will take care of your business”.

“As a father and now a granddad to three wonderful grandchildren, I know how magical the first year of a child’s life is but also how much hard work it takes” Branson said.

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Sourced: The Independent

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