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The rising trend of outsourcing and Employsure’s journey along with it.

By: Jess Ferguson, Manager, EmploysurePLUS.

From our teamSeptember 5, 2017

The rising trend of outsourcing and Employsure’s journey along with it. (Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

The trend of outsourcing has been on the rise in recent years as companies have become stronger at identifying their own gaps, alongside the growth of start-ups offering expertise to fill those gaps. Decisions to outsource are making more and more sense in today’s business world.

In 2013, Smart Company reported that there was a myriad of “services using economics of scale to deliver outsourced business solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional business service firms”. What services was this article referring to? At this point the Australian start-up scene was bustling with new service and software providers launching new avenues in recruitment, design, legal, accounting services and more, all that offered “outsourcing solutions for small businesses without the price tag that normally comes with it”.

According to the results of Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the main reasons companies outsource are:

  • To save through cost cutting
  • To enable focus on core business
  • To solve capacity issues
  • To enhance service quality
  • To access intellectual capital

Outsourcing for these reasons enables businesses to become more efficient and focus on improving their own core operations and expertise, which may even be servicing an outsourced need in itself.

Employsure had opened its doors in Sydney around 12 months prior to that 2013 Smart Company article being published. It is no coincidence that Employsure’s success has aligned with the rise of outsourcing in Australia. Employsure entered the Australian market at a time when workplace relations complexity had reached an all-time high due to political and legislative changes and business owners were disillusioned with the traditional and expensive options available to them to engage external expertise. Since entering the marketplace, Employsure has provided an alternative to engaging law firms or recruiting standalone HR generalists that often still needed to escalate issues to external technical specialists.

Employsure had already begun a journey, right there in a thriving Australian start up scene, with a few hundred clients and around a dozen employees’ hungry for growth, market share and the opportunity to share a passion for navigating workplace law. Today Employsure has over 14,000 clients, over 500 employees across Australia and New Zealand and a remaining hunger to access and impact even more workplaces.

Such is the rise in outsourcing that Employsure has not only disrupted the workplace advisory industry, but has continued to respond to small business demand to outsource more and more. What started as an employment relations service soon grew to include workplace health and safety. Now Employsure is going deeper on small business needs to offer EmploysurePLUS, which offers clients the ability to have an expert on site in as little as 24 hours to handle and facilitate difficult employee issues, as well as options such as in house employee and manager training.

As outsourcing continues to grow in popularity, employers should consider what expert knowledge is missing from their business. To put it simply, not everyone can fix a car, but everyone calls a mechanic when it breaks.

Jess Ferguson, Manager, EmploysurePLUS.

Jess is a driven leader who has worked in various roles across all government sectors and joined Employsure in it’s infancy to help grow and deliver client service teams. Her background spans human resources, learning and development, business consulting, operations management and business development. She has led people development projects, consulted extensively to SMEs and in recent years has led the development and scaling of Employsure’s client facing teams through an intense period of growth. Jess is passionate about great leadership, empowering others and she works at her best in a fast and ever changing environment.

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