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Success story: peace of mind and an easier life

Success story: peace of mind and an easier life (Last Updated On: February 5, 2016)

Acre Woods is a privately run child care business, which operates five centers throughout Sydney. The business was experiencing difficulties with problem staff members, was doing all its own documentation and was spending approximately $500 on every contract.


Gemma Lavelle is General Manager at Acre Woods Group, a privately owned business started in 2000. The five centres in Sydney are operated by parents of young children. They were created  to give other parents “peace of mind and an easier life”. Before Employsure, the business was doing all its own documentation and spending $500 on a lawyer for every contract. The company also had a few staff members who were becoming difficult to manage. Gemma said she had no idea there was any kind of workplace relations service available for small businesses.

What we did

Gemma engaged Employsure for a complete review of her workplace. Employsure issued Acre Woods with all the correct paperwork to ensure the business was compliant. Gemma also  regularly sought our advice and appreciated the fact her senior employees also had access to our services. Employsure worked with her to handle her employee issues or, in Gemma’s words, to “take the stress out of hard and uncomfortable situations”.

The result


Knowing her business has received a full review and  is completely compliant with all staff documents has provided Gemma with the peace of mind to get on with running her business.


Gemma is confident Employsure will be there for her through any employee concerns that may arise.


Gemma knows she can quickly get help with “problem employees” and has complete faith she can execute the advice given, which takes the stress out of any uncomfortable situations.


Her senior employees can use the service when they need advice on managing staff members.


Now when a question comes, Gemma calls Employsure for a quick answer and feels complete confidence about what needs to be done next.

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