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The modern workplace and its not so modern awards

Modern AwardsSeptember 9, 2014

The modern workplace and its not so modern awards (Last Updated On: August 9, 2016)

The Fair Work Commission surveyed 47 small business owners on their opinions and judgments of the current modern awards, the outcome suggested that Australia’s award pay rates are nothing close to modern at all.

The Fair Work Commission found that Australian SMEs want shorter, simpler and comprehensible examples to help them understand the modern awards puzzle. Ken Phillips from Independent Contractors Australia put it bluntly and said that the modern awards “are just a debacle, just incomprehensible… You really take a punt when working out staff pay”. Small businesses do not have the finances to hire a legal team and many may find themselves in a position where they are wishing and hoping that they are paying their staff correctly. This is when claims and Fair Work Ombudsman investigations come creeping in.

In response to the survey the SMEs argued that the ‘convoluted, complex and ambiguous modern awards’ need to be changed to a coherent two page document with dot points and simple language. The legal jargon and high number of categories in the awards are confusing and employers are facing barriers as a result when wanting to hire staff.

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*Information sourced via the Australian Financial Review

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