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Webinar: Workplace Confidence in 3 Steps

WebinarNovember 13, 2018

Workplace Confidence in 3 Steps

Welcome to the Workplace Confidence Webinar – packaged workplace advice designed for Australian small business owners.

Recent research uncovered a huge knowledge gap in comprehension of the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards, with 86% of employers not fully confident they are managing staff in line with legislation. Uncertainty about employment contracts and policies was found to be another pain point for employers, while many were stressed about managing difficult employees.

It’s hard to be confident without a solid foundation of knowledge, this webinar will cover the essentials all business owners need to know.

Watch the webinar and learn to build:

  • Confidence with Fair Work and legislation changes
  • Confidence with contracts, policies and procedures
  • Confidence with managing employees – from hiring to firing

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