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Worker in search for soy coffee is now in search for compensation

Worker in search for soy coffee is now in search for compensation (Last Updated On: September 23, 2014)

In Canberra, an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) public servant has lost a workplace compensation claim which budded from a particularly original excuse for being late to work. Pardeep Sidhu claims to be suffering from a stress related “adjustment disorder” after multiple administration and behavioural meetings with her employer Sky May. These meetings were arranged due to her inability to meet the organisation’s time management requirements and to turn up to work when required.

Sidhu claims that she was late because she had to search to find the right coffee, she also requested longer breaks so that she could reach the café which served organic and soy milk. There were also many discrepancies in her time sheets. Sidhu for example would use the stairs for exercise, take time to comfort a friend, study for her MBA and due to having an inter-state login to the time management system all of these excuses caused her delays. The relationship with her employer broke down after she was given a formal warning in a performance review. Sidhu disputed the feedback from her employer and when she wasn’t awarded study leave she became hostile.

The ATO where Sidhu is still employed (in another division) treated her tardiness reasonably and took the correct measures to encourage her to be on time for work. The court found that if a company has the correct procedures in place and has reason for their decisions to give warnings and disciplinary action then a psychotic breakdown or “adjustment disorder” would not sustain compensation.

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*Information sourced via the Smart Company Website.

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