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Published August 03, 2018 (last updated June 25, 2020) -
employee facing family and domestic violence

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Stay across the latest news, legislative changes and updates in the world of workplace relations. This month features news about the new Family and Domestic Violence Leave, as well as changes to the Fitness Industry Award and the Journalists Published Media Award.

Family and Domestic Violence Leave Now in Place

From 1 August 2018, all Modern Awards in Australia will be amended to include 5 days of unpaid family and domestic violence leave. This is now a compulsory entitlement for all employees covered by modern awards.

Now is the time to start preparing for this new provision, and employers should consider how they will manage unpaid family and domestic violence leave in their business. This may mean developing a domestic violence leave policy which clearly outlines how the leave will be applied.

For more information and advice on this affects you and your business, contact the Employsure Advice Line on 1300 651 415.

Journalists Published Media Award 2010

The Fair Work Commission has published a determination affecting the Journalists Published Media Award 2010.

The changes will allow those working under this award to take mutual agreed time off instead of payment for overtime.

For information on how this determination affects you, contact our Advice Line on 1300 651 415.

Fitness Industry Award 2010 — Businesses in the Swim Industry

The Fair Work Commission has published a decision affecting the Fitness Industry Award 2010 — specifically for businesses in the swim industry.

From 16 July a change to the classification schedule could impact the classification of swimming related coaches and instructors.

For information on how this decision affects you, contact our Advice Line on 1300 651 415.

Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010 (Road Transport Award)

The Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010 (Road Transport Award) has been amended to incorporate the ‘vehicle distribution and/or relocation industry’ who otherwise were previously considered to be covered by the Vehicle Manufacturing Award.

Affected employers will be subject to a transitioning rate of pay. If you would like more information on this amendment or the transitioning rate of pay please contact Employsure by calling 1300 651 415.

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Contact us on 1300 651 415 or visit the MyEmploysure Portal to check and update your details.

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