Vaccine Mandates in Victoria Factsheet

The Victorian State Government have introduced specific rules and regulations regarding vaccines in the workplace


Certain industries in Victoria must abide by a vaccination mandate introduced into by the state government. Employees in those industries may only work once they have received been double vaccinated against COVID-19.

This factsheet has been made to outline what industries simply and clearly have been affected, when their employees need to be double vaccinated by, and what if any specific rules affect each industry.

Covered by this factsheet:

  • What industries/roles are covered by the term ‘Authorised Worker’
  • What industries are affected, and when
  • Where employers can find more information about vaccinations in the workplace

This is vital information for any small business owner or employer. 

The information in this guide is of a general nature only and is not a substitute for advice from a workplace relations expert. For further information regarding the vaccine itself, medical advice, or public health law, seek out the advice of a relevant expert. 

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