Western Australian Minimum Wage 2021 Guide

Employers in the Western Australian workplace relations system will have to pay a higher minimum wage from New Year’s Day.


Wages are a big cost, but your employees are a bigger asset. Employsure understands the minimum wage increases can put pressure on your staffing needs, so we’ve carefully put together this e-guide to help you better understand how you can implement this wage increase without compromising the strength of your business. 

This pay rate increase only applies to employers and employees in the WA state industrial relations system.  This change does not apply to employers who are covered by the National Workplace Relations System, this means employees to whom the Fair Work Act applies.  

This free guide covers: 

  • Whether your business is covered by the National System or WA State System 
  • The pay rates for workers aged 21 or under 
  • How the minimum wage affects your business 
  • Retaining and motivating staff under financial pressures 
  • Inexpensive investments to grow your business 
  • How Employsure can help you implement this increase in your business 

This is vital information for any small business owner or employer.  

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