Work From Home Employer Pack

Policies, checklists and templates to set up your business and your employees in the ‘new normal’ of working from home. 

Work From Home Pack Guide


With more businesses facing the reality employees will be spending more time working from home, making sure they are seamlessly set-up is crucial to the future success of your business. But equally vital is ensuring that, as a business owner, you are fulfilling your WH&S obligations – no matter where your employees are working.   

That’s why we’ve put together the free Employsure ‘Work From Home Employer Pack’, to assist you to meet these obligations. 

This Free Pack Includes: 

  • An essential ergonomic checklist, as part of your WH&S responsibilities 
  • A ‘Working from Home’ agreement form 
  • A ‘Working from Home’ checklist  
  • The Employsure ‘Coronavirus Working from Home’ Policy, covering everything from first aid and confidentiality, to communication and care.   

Download your free ‘Work from Home Employer Pack’ now.   

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