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Bedrock Offsite: Completely Cutting Edge

Published December 14, 2016 (last updated May 25, 2023)
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Bedrock Offsite is a modular solutions company, specialising in bathroom pods and building modules. There are only a handful of businesses across Australia doing what Bedrock Offsite do. What typically takes 12 days to create, Bedrock Offsite make in just four days, meaning they produce at a much higher volume to meet client demand.

Bedrock Offsite is a new organisation – only in operation for five months and currently have a team of 12 employees. As such, they did not have any employment contracts or policies in place. As work health and safety is very important in their industry, they knew they needed professional assistance. Their employees are the company’s most valuable asset, so much so that they even sign a ‘social contract’ with each of their new starters, clearly outlining what Bedrock will do for them.

Employsure was recommended to Bedrock Offsite, and the company directors knew Employsure was the right fit for their business.

For you to be recommended by someone else automatically meant you have helped them.”

What We Did

An Employsure Consultant visited Bedrock Offsite and conducted a workplace review, assessing any health and safety policies and procedures they had in place, and identifying areas for improvement.

Employsure also provided Bedrock Offsite with much needed tailored documentation, including health and safety manuals, employee handbooks and employment contracts.

The initial set up of documentation gave Bedrock Offsite the confidence to get their first job/contract, knowing they had the correct structure in place. Bedrock Offsite believes that without Employsure’s assistance, they would not still be operating as a business.

“The ongoing support really appealed as well, knowing that we would be constantly updated with legislative changes along the way.”

The Result


Bedrock Offsite no longer needs to waste time searching for answers to their employment relations or health and safety questions. Employsure answers all questions they might have, and they have trust that the information they receive is correct.

Complete focus on their employees

Bedrock Offsite have a great belief that people can achieve amazing things if their employers do the right thing by them. With Employsure’s help they not only implemented employment contracts, but also social contracts, which includes the personal undertaking of commitment to the company and vice versa.

“Your policies and services are amazing; the turnaround time is outstanding. Overall it’s completely cutting edge.”

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