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Independent contractors.

Independent contractors.

Independent contractors sometimes come into your workplace to carry out a specific task or to complete a project. While they are experts in their field, they may not know much about your business, the premises you work in, or the possible hazards of working there. This puts them at more potential risk than your employees.

You may need contractors to maintain machinery or install equipment, for cleaning, pest control, servicing photocopiers or fixing the air conditioning. Sometimes their work can create hazards for employees working nearby, for example, loud noise. It is important to talk to your contractors about potential hazards and risks, as well as making sure the workplace is safe for them and your employees.

If you are a contractor, always consider the risks your workers face when going out to a client, whether they are risks of the job or workplace. Consider their activities and potential effects on the health and safety of client employees, for example, where cleaning creates wet and slippery surfaces.

The difference between a contractor and an employee is not always that clear cut. If you are not sure of the difference, ask your adviser.

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