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September 2019

Clean Up Your Act: FWO Condemns Sham Contracting in the Cleaning Industry

09/09/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

News that the Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on sham contracting has shone a spotlight on the practice. It’s an important test...

Backpacker Paid $15 p/h Calls Police After Employer Withheld Passport

06/09/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

A backpacker has accused the owner of a Sunshine Coast tourist attraction of worker exploitation, after revealing that he was paid $15...

HR manager made ‘redundant’ after refusing to hire GM’s daughter

06/09/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

A HR manager is accusing her former employer of making her redundant in vengeance for complaints about possible Modern Award breaches...

FWC Upholds Dismissal For Tasteless Hitler Parody

05/09/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

An oil refinery worker who was sacked for making a parody video featuring Adolf Hitler has lost his unfair dismissal claim. After...

Restaurant workers allegedly told to 'buy' leave

05/09/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

A Canberra restaurant is facing allegations of migrant worker exploitation, with employees claiming they were told to purchase sick and...

‘Deeply Flawed and Impractical’ Proposed Religious Freedom Laws.


Employment relations expert, Michael Wilkinson from Employsure says the legal protection for large employers in proposed religious freedom...