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August 2019

General Manager Acted Like A Pelican In Sacking Pelican Feeder - FWC

06/08/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

A pelican feeder, who worked only one hour a week, has had his job reinstated by the Fair Work Commission as they found his dismissal...

Legal Expert Makes Case For Wage Theft 'Compensation Fund'

05/08/2019 , by Leigh Johnston

A leading Adelaide legal expert has recommended a new statutory fund that would allow workers to seek compensation to recoup unpaid...

Queensland Government Proposing New Christmas Eve Holiday

05/08/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

The Queensland government is planning to make Christmas Eve a public holiday from 6pm to midnight, reports the Brisbane...

Another Popular Restaurant In Melbourne Under Investigation By FWO

05/08/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

One of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants is under investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman for claims it underpaid its...

Employsure named Employer of Choice


There is arguably no one doing more to place people at the forefront of workplaces across Australia and therefore, appropriate...

Fears That Ads For Massage Parlours Are Luring International Students Into Illegal Sex Industry

02/08/2019 , by Nicholas Hartman

There are fears that advertisements for masseurs on a popular Chinese-language forum are luring vulnerable migrants into sexual...