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July 2019

Employers Must Take Action To Prevent Silicosis: Employsure


The emerging silicosis crisis affecting various parts of the building and construction industry is an urgent wake up call for affected...

ABCC Recovers $1m In Backpay For Construction Workers And Tradies


The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) has announced it has recovered $1 million in wages for 1400 workers. The...

Guns, Knives and Violence: The Darker Dangers Of Workplace Safety Laid Bare


Recent reports of hospital emergency staff being threatened with guns, knives and acts of violence are a troubling trend in the medical...

Employer Can Request Claustrophobic Tradie To Work In Enclosed Spaces


The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a business in the elevator industry can require an employee, with severe claustrophobia, to work...

More Sunday Penalty Rates Cuts Come Info Effect This Week


Australia’s reduction in Sunday penalty rates will continue this week, affecting permanent and casual employees in the General Retail...

38-hour Weeks Cemented Into Hair & Beauty Award


Today, 3 July 2019, there will be rostering changes to the Hair & Beauty Award 2010. These changes have been introduced to...