Stage Kings – From Set Design to Home Office Furniture

Published May 06, 2020
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When COVID-19 forced the Government to ban mass public gatherings due to health and safety reasons, it decimated the events industry and led to a complete shutdown.

For Stagekings, its entire income for 2020 was cancelled with no end in sight.

Watch how they transformed and adapted from Set Design to Home Office Furniture.


  • Stage Kings – From Set Design to Home Office Furniture

    That’s when it all went pear shaped. We had to stand down about 23 guys at the time.

    So Jeremy Fleming like I said, StageKings Managing Director, we had a company that builds stages for concerts and festivals and a lot of events, those sorts of things so big stages. The likes of pop up blog, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, we build the Edinburgh Military Castle, a lot of festival stuff like Ultra Music Festival and things like that. The employees fluctuate speaking with the nature of this industry. So we have a core team of 12 full-time, and then we’ve got up to sort of 40-odd casuals. When the time came, we were down building Ninja Warrior down in Melbourne we were building the set for the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne. That’s when it all went pear shaped.

    We had to stand out about 23 guys at the time. Obviously that dried right up for us as soon as they put the public gathering hold on. Obviously we’ve lost in the first few months of winter, which is what we’re coming into. We’ve probably lost about two and a half million dollars worth of work. So we turned our hand pretty quickly to making office furniture or home office furniture. We had this idea on the Sunday morning two weeks ago. Monday, Mick came in with a couple of 3D printed models. There you go. There’s a couple of models sitting out there. So he came in with those on the Monday morning we knocked up some prototypes. By Monday afternoon we got in some nice birch ply cut our first desks and Monday night we set up the eCommerce side on the website. And then the Tuesday we went live at about 3:00 Tuesday in the morning we did photos for the website went live at 3:00 and it’s all taken off from there.

    As of right now about 1,200 orders 1,200 orders down over two weeks. The majority of the guys that we had on back working in different capacities. We’ve got the carpenters outside the guys sanding, guys delivering. Yeah, the majority of them are back. The only thing I do wanna add is that we’re giving $10 from every sale to Supportact, which is the industry charity for the events industry. There’s 600,000 events crew that have been affected by the public gathering ban, they’re struggling pretty hard. So we’re even $10 from every desk to those guys. So we’re at about $8,000 we’ve donated to those guys so far.

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