Thermal Scanners – Reducing The Spread Of Disease

Published May 08, 2020
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When thermal imaging company Thermal Scanners saw a decrease in clients due to COVID-19, it decided to use its technology to screen employees on worksites to reduce the spread of the disease. Watch its Pivot Story here!


  • Thermal Scanners – Reducing The Spread Of Disease

    At this stage, you know, it’s all early stages so it’s really hard to tell. As with anything at this point in time, it’s a bit of a guessing game.

    So I’m Tayla Barnes, and I’m the client asset manager and co-owner here at Thermal Scanners.

    We’re in the industry of nondestructive testing so we utilize thermal imaging technology. Our main expertise is within the electrical industry. We’ll utilize the thermal imaging to be able to fault find within the wiring and switchboards. We’ll usually service, you know, three, anywhere from two to four clients a day. At this stage, you know, it’s all early stages so it’s really hard to tell. As with anything at this point in time, it’s a bit of a guessing game.

    April is usually a quiet month anyway, so we’d sort of already had things in place to be able to deal with that. But since COVID-19, we have seen a decrease in our private clients. All of them have obviously seen a big decrease within themselves or whether they’ve stopped business altogether, so that’s, obviously, in turn, affected our business as well.

    So early on in COVID-19, we obviously kind of forecasted that it was gonna affect us, our business, whether it was straight away or whether it was in the coming months. So we brainstormed different ways that we could utilize the infrastructure that we already have in place. We wanted to work out, you know, whether there was a new way to be able to implement our service or alternatively, is there a new opportunity to be able to use our technology in an alternate way. We brainstormed with that and off that, we actually came up with a new service that we’re now offering.

    So we do COVID-19 thermal screening. What that means is we utilize our thermal imaging cameras and we actually go to client sites. And we’ll thermally screen employees as they come onto the job site. We can detect an elevated surface temperature. Obviously, with COVID-19, the first symptom is having a fever, so febrile personnel. We can actually detect those elevated temperatures. With what we do with the COVID-19 thermal screening, we actually utilize the tear duct that’s at the center of the eye, so that’s the most accurate way to get a reading of elevated surface temperature. They look at us. We look at their thermal image. Whenever there is someone that walks into the set screen that is above 37.5, an alarm beeps, and then obviously, we’ve identified that person as febrile.

    We obviously can’t detect COVID-19. That’s obviously an alternate medical test. But at least this way, we can identify that this person’s running at a higher elevated surface temperature, meaning that there’s something happening internally, and then, you know, up to internal policy whether they send them home or get further medical treatment. Just a good risk mitigation and control measure for businesses that are continuing operation.

    At this stage, we’ll still be pushing the COVID-19 thermal screening. We’re planning to keep everyone on as is. The main reason as well to kind of be brainstorming for different opportunities is to keep our staff on. We’re just got to just keep doing our best and yeah, get through these difficult times and then come out the other side even better.

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