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Niche Reform.

Views: 3842Posted 30-07-2018

This episode of Small Business State of Mind features Jonathon Grealy from Niche Reform. From a ute and a hammer to a thriving business, Jonathon talks about the importance of resourcing, focusing on people and getting the fundamentals right.

Niche Reform is quite a small company we work locally in Brisbane. We basically help people get their house ready for sale. To break it down very simply, like you’d go and get a car detailed to prepare it when you’re selling it, we do exactly that to houses.

We basically started the business with ‘I had a ute, had a hammer, all ready to go!’ But some of the early obstacles were resourcing. We were covering everything at the start from cleaning houses right through to rebuilding fences, tidying up gardens, and I’d be off at the hardware late at night prepping and getting everything for the next day. So it was a matter of resourcing a team around us to help us deliver more work.

Key for me is people. It’s not only staff but clients – or the other way around. Number one, we have to look after our clients to make sure we deliver what they need and what they’re after. And at the same time, we really have to look after our staff – we try to be quite focused on our team because without our team we can’t do anything.

I think the biggest thing from Employsure is it gives us certainty. Where we have guidance and help of what we need in place, how to put it in place, and how to implement the systems for HR. I think that’s key, you know without that, we were somewhat falling behind because you don’t know where to turn to or what set of regulations you’ve got to adhere to. And simple things with the new Award rate change coming through we’ve been notified. We’ve been, you know, sent emails and information of how to update our system to make sure that we’re compliant moving forward.

My advice would be get the fundamentals right. Look at what external advisors you can work with for Accounting, for HR, for Marketing. And on top of that pay attention to your bottom line, pay attention to your dollars. That’s key as you grow – that is very, very critical. But even when it’s just you and a vehicle, or however you start your business, you need to set that framework in place so that at the end of every day, at the end of every week you can actually make sure you’re making money. Otherwise, there’s no point in being in business.

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