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From the enticement of being a sole trader to employing staff who soon became the face of the business. Hear David Barbour’s journey – how he began, what he’s learnt, and his advice to other small business owners.

I started at North Side Cabling in September of 2012. I’ve been in the sector for 22 years, and I sort of jumped out in 2004, and it’s been great. We provide electrical and communication contracting services to the public industrial commercial sector.

When I first started in the sector 22 years ago, I went out on my own. It was just me and this old trailer. I wanted the freedom of having your own business, that lifestyle of your own business. Didn’t have to really answer to someone. It was great for four or five years, but then I found that as I developed relationships with people, the demand for my work was growing.

My staff are very important. Without my staff, there is no North Side Cabling. They’re the ones that do the work. They’re the ones in the customer’s face. They’re the ones that deliver our product, and without that, there is no North Side Cabling. I can do all the background work, but I need them out there to be the face of the business. You’ve got to have faith in them and give them some trust, and that trust develops trust as well.

Not everything is smooth sailing. You have many ups and many downs, but look at the big picture. I don’t look at a weekly result or a monthly result but the quarterly or yearly result. The industry does fluctuate as it does everywhere. If I had that sort of vice when I first started, maybe the first years would have been a bit more relaxing.

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