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Employsure Protect

Safeguarding clients against the financial costs of workplace claims and litigation.

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Employsure Proudly Represents Client in Protection

Employsure Protect is a discretionary mutual product, available exclusively to clients of Employsure. Employsure Protect provides discretionary protection for legal liability and defence costs arising from employment relations and health and safety matters.

Funds from member contributions are pooled in the Mutual and are used to protect and cover members facing legal liability stemming from employment relations or health and safety claims.  The Mutual is backed by insurance that leverages the collective strength of its members. With Employsure Protect we are stronger together.

Employsure Protect goes beyond the limits of a typical insurance policy, allowing greater flexibility in supporting and reimbursing members against claims that may not be covered by standard insurance. Full details are contained in the Product Disclosure Statement.

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You receive unlimited, proactive and professional advice on employment relations and workplace health and safety whenever you need it, day or night.

Employsure Checking Compliance


We review your workplace processes and documents to identify specific gaps and solutions. Based on this, we provide you with the best practice tools, to lay the foundations for ensuring a fair and safe workplace.

Employsure represent client in court


If you are faced with a claim, our in-house specialists will advise you every step of the way and if required, our legal partner, Employsure Law, will provide professional representation.

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