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Vaccines, Reopening and COVID: Information for Employers

Published August 03, 2020 (last updated February 9, 2023) - Head of Health and Safety

Note from Employsure

This Hub contains all the resources we’ve made for small business owners, as well as handy links to relevant official sources. We’re here to help small businesses get back on their feet as they re-open, manage COVID-19 and vaccinations in the workplace, and adjust to the new normal.

Vaccine Resources

We have prepared the below resources to help you understand your vaccine obligations and take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of staff in your workplace.

Vaccinations in the Workplace Fact SheetDownload
Infectious Diseases Risk Assessment ToolDownload
COVID-19 Vaccinations Guide for EmployersDownload
Template Vaccinations PolicyDownload
Roadmap to Mandating Vaccines in the Workplace. This table will help you understand if you need to or can mandate vaccines.Download
Vaccine Memorandum to Employees (Request to Vaccinate)Download
Vaccine Memorandum to Employees (Request to Vaccinate Due to Government Direction)Download
Mandatory Face Masks FactsheetDownload

Vaccine Kit for Employsure Clients

Everything you need in one handy kit. Note: clicking the button below will download a ZIP file; if you can’t see it, be sure to check your ‘Downloads’ folder

Reopening Resources

Ready or preparing to reopen? These resources can help put you on the front foot.

COVID Safety Plan KitDownload
COVID-19 Poster KitDownload
Working from Home KitDownload
Reopening GuideDownload
COVID Workplace PolicyDownload
Template Memo. Help communicate the Coronavirus Workplace Policy to staffDownload
Absence Options. Whether your employee is infected, or just refusing to come to work, this table outlines your optionsDownload

Other Resources For Employers

Agreement to Take Leave. Template letterDownload
Confirmation of Stand Down. Template letterDownload
Stand Down Options. This table will help you understand your stand down optionsDownload

Official Government Sources

Make sure you’re getting only correct, official health and travel from government sources. Resources are listed below. State Government resources

Maximise Your Mutual

If you are a client of Employsure, you are most likely a member of Employsure Mutual. Here are some tips to make the most of your Protection during the Coronavirus crisis.

Tips to Protect your Business when Managing Covid-19 Workplace Re-Organisation*

  • Contact Employsure for advice on any issues relating to your employees or work health and safety concerns
  • If you need to re-organise your workplace and, in particular, if this is likely to result in reductions to pay or changes to employment contracts, contact Employsure to obtain advice and guidance on how to address these issues (what to do and day and what not to do and say) and follow the advice as to recommended processes and documentation
  • Provide Employsure with accurate and detailed information
  • Before making a decision to dismiss an employee or change their employment conditions, contact Employsure for advice

Remember: It is a condition of Employsure Protect that Employsure’s advice is sought and followed in relation to matters that have the potential to result in a claim.  Claims arising where advice has not been sought and followed are excluded under Clauses 4 and 6 of Section 2 of the Employsure Protect Product Disclosure Statement.

*You are required to seek and follow advice from Employsure when you become aware of circumstances which may give rise to an Employment Claim or Health and Safety Claim in order to have the benefit of Protection through Employsure Protect (please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions).

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