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Take Control of How Your Staff Clock In and Out with Blip

Published May 12, 2021 (last updated on July 4, 2024) | Adam Wyatt - Content Writer

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It’s hard enough being an employer supervising your employees in a physical workplace.

It’s harder still when you have to supervise your employees in multiple locations. Knowing when and where your employees are, with confidence, is a special concern.

Now you can rest assured with Blip by BrightHR. When using the Blip App, you can track what workplace your employees are at, how long they’ve been there and how long they’ve spent on breaks – all from your mobile. Blip saves you time so you can get to work on more important tasks that require your attention. 

How Does Blip Work?

Blip gives you three ways to use the app – simply choose what suits you best.

Setting Up a Geolocation 

You can use the Blip app to create a geofence (a virtual fence for a real-world area) around your workplace, or any other site your employee will travel to. When your employees enter or leave of the marked areas, Blip is able to automatically pick their location and notify them to either check in or out. 

This way, you can always tell what time a particular employee was there. You can also access reports on how long each employee worked. 

Scan a QR Code

You can also take advantage of Blip’s smart scanning feature to record when your staff check in or out. Once the Blip app has generated a QR code, you can print as many as you like and place them at strategic locations around your workplace. 

Each employee will have to scan the QR code when leaving or entering the workplace. When an employee scans the code, Blip will record the start and end date of your employee’s work day, helping you to calculate their work hours, pay, overtime and much more.

Flexible Clocking

Flexible clocking is another option available to employers, which allows employees to clock-in no matter where they are, without a geofence or QR code. All employers have to do is to allow the flexible clocking in the app.

How Blip Reduces Your Work

Blip is here to make your life easier with features like:

  • Monitor your staff’s working hours.

  • Track your employee’s location at any given time, if they have clocked in.

  • Check your employees’ breaks, ensuring they’re not taking too long out at lunch, or being overworked by your client.

  • Automatically notify your employees to set a reminder so they never forget to clock in or out, or when taking a break. 

  • View full reports on all your staffs’ work hours conveniently. You can also filter out specific dates.

  • Export a particular staff member or a team’s work history and save it as a spreadsheet.

  • Create more than one geofence. This means you can track your employees regardless of how many working locations you may have. 

How Blip Works with BrightHR

From BrightHR, you can see and access Blip directly. The two apps can now communicate effectively to make your work even easier. 

When you log into your BrightHR account, Blip will let you know which staff have clocked in, taken a break or clocked out, and what location they are clocked into. You can also access your employees’ work history straight from your BrightHR dashboard.

BrightHR helping you manage your people and business

Contact us to find out how BrightHR can help you manage your employees.

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